9:00am Service

10:45am Service



    1. Which part of the message had the most impact on you?

    2. What are some of the relationships that you value the most?


    1.  Read Matthew 5:9

        What role have peace makers had in your life?  

        What are some actions that contrast peacemaking?

        What is the promise of being peace makers according to this verse?

    2.  Read Colossians 3:12-14

        Which attributes in this verse do you find most difficult to receive from God?

        Which actions do you find most challenging to put on towards those you are in conflict with?  

        Which action do you most desire to grow in?  

    3.  Reread Colossians 3:13

        What role does forgiveness play in relationships? 

        What does it mean to forgive as God has forgiven you?  


    1.  Based on the above verses how healthy are your relationships?  What do you see as your main strength and main weakness?

    2.  What areas do you desire to experience from God and others more fully?

    3.  Ask God to reveal to you where He wants you to grow in your relationships?