First 5 Interactive Online Bible Study

Please join us for a free, interactive, online Bible study through the First 5 app from Proverbs 31 Ministries. Beginning Monday, March 16, we will begin a new study on 1 & 2 Chronicles called “The In Between”. This study is very timely for issues facing us all today:

How often do we feel stuck in the “in between”?

In between life seasons.

In between jobs.

In between relationships.

The “in between” feels like you’ll be stuck waiting forever.  But God is working in the waiting.

We’ve already been utilizing this app for almost a year, and here are several reasons why we love it:

  1. It’s community.  We host a private group within the app (code is 561f) where we can share comments so that we can learn from one another and feel connected even when we’re apart.
  2. It’s convenient.  Everything you need is in the app.  You can even click on the scripture reference and be linked to an online Bible.
  3. It’s flexible.  You can participate anytime, anywhere.  You can also take your study as deep as you want to.  Just have time to read the Bible passage assigned that day? No problem. As time allows you can read the brief teaching that goes along with the scripture reading, pray the prayer provided, and answer the reflection question.  Again, that’s all within the app.  And if you’re interested in diving even deeper, you can purchase an Experience Guide from Proverbs 31 Ministries that has additional questions and teachings that help you further apply the scripture.
  4. It’s free!

This online study is a great opportunity for us to remain in the Word and remain in community. To participate, CLICK HERE to download the app to your smartphone or tablet, then follow these steps to join our group using code 516F: