Greenhouse meets every Sunday at 9:00 and 10:45. On the last Sunday of each month we gather in the sanctuary with the Big People for Family Sunday! Here’s what we are doing this month.


Preschool: Confetti Toss

Preschoolers love trying to do things like grown-ups. They like to press buttons on computers and jump high to throw the basketball or stir the food to make something yummy to eat. Being able to say they can do things like Mommy or Daddy is a big deal!

This month, we are teaching preschoolers something else they can do that’s a really big deal. They can love like Jesus! We want preschoolers to know that they can love like Jesus, and when they love like Jesus, it’s like  tossing confetti everywhere! Serving others, showing kindness, helping and loving everyone—these are things that even our youngest children can do. And when they do, they love like Jesus.

Watch the weekly video here!

Elementary & Preteen: Work in Progress: Redo, Rewrite, Restore

 No matter how much we mess up, God will always forgive us. Jesus even chose to forgive those who were crucifying Him. Because God forgives us, we should work hard to forgive others. We can decide that someone who has wronged us doesn’t have to pay. With God’s help, we can free ourselves from the weight of anger and bitterness, while giving the other person an opportunity to rewrite the story. 


Watch the elementary and preteen videos here, and get

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