10:45am Service


Who is one person you are praying for that does not know Jesus this Easter season?

What is one way you have you seen God flex his muscles in your life?


    Read Isaiah 53: 1-11

    What ways does God show his strength in this passage?

    How is this different from the worlds show of strength?

    Read John 15:5 

    How do we receive this strength of God?

    Tom talked about: Trust, Other’s mentality, Sacrificial Love, and Prayer.  

    Which one of these do you find connects you most with God’s strength?

    What are some other ways that we Abide in his strength?  


    Where in your life do you feel weak and need God’s strength? 

    What is one discipline of abiding that God is calling you deeper into in order to experience his “Arm Flex” in you life? 

Take time to prayer for one another – Read Eph  3:14-21 aloud and pray with this mindset and expectation.