*For joining online at 9:00 or 10:45 on Sunday go to the below link


We will begin the live stream test at 8:45 and 10:30, this will give you time to make sure you are able to get online.  If you are having technical issues you can text from your phone the phrase “Support3120” to the number 484848 and we will have people ready to help.   You can also email support@clearviewcommunity.org.


*For families with children http://www.clearviewcommunity.org/greenhouse-at-home/.


*Prayer time: During the service Elder George Richardson is going to lead a time of prayer and praise.  You can participate in that time by using the comment section next to the youtube video.  Anytime during the service, you can post a prayer or praise and we will pray over these during the service before the message.  

*Private Prayer requests:  We set up a number you can text during the service for any private prayer requests. The phone number is (719) 581-7756

That request will go directly to one of our pastors who will be praying during the service.  Those requests will be kept confidential.  


*Financial giving – The continued financial support to our church is essential for us to continue to minister and support our missionaries, ministries and benevolence to our community.  Several options for giving are available from our website:  http://www.clearviewcommunity.org/giving/