Proverbs: Lessons in Wisdom

Pastor Zach Bearss

June 12, 2022


June 12, 2022

Connect:  Where have you  had a warning light come on for you and what was that like for you? How did you respond to that warning light? 

Engage: Have some one read Proverbs 4 aloud again – What words or phrases are most meaningful to you as you hear it again? Why are they meaningful to you? 

Where have you allowed opinions and preferences to cloud the meaning of wisdom? 
Zach shared that we desire to know what is right – We have so many questions, with that said – Where have you seen the Lord show you scripture that you can hang on too – What was the scripture that He gave you ? 

Vs 23 – Above all else guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life – Where do you need to guard your heart? What does that look like for you? Where has your heart driven your life? What was that like for you? 

Zach defined the heart – as concrete, mind, knowledge, thinking reflection, the seat of your courage, seat of emotions, memory, inclination and resolution.  Which of those words resonate with you? Where have you seen that word act work in your life positive or negative? 

Proverbs 25:28 “Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control”. Where have you seen this proverb played out in your life or in the lives of others?  

#1 Realize the importance of your heart. 
Where is your heart right now? Can you look back at this week and see where your heart has been. What has been your heart been attracted too good or bad? 

#2 Receive instruction.
How are you about receiving instruction good or bad? Proverbs 12:1, 15-16.  What emotions does it conjure up in you when you are receiving instruction?   How do you feel about confession? Can you share your heart honestly with yourself or with others? 

Zach talked about Defensiveness – Where have you been defensive to feedback? How did that go during that discussion? 
What was most important to you in wanting your way? 

#3 Hold on to instruction.
Proverbs 4:12-13, 16   If we do not practice self-control our hearts end up captive to other things. 
Self-control – ability to recognize to wait Where do you struggle with this? Is it an Amazon account? Netflix binging? An addiction? Do you have an area that you struggle with self-control and what is that like for you?  What do you think the Lord is inviting you to with self-control? 

#4 We need to keep our eyes on Christ. 
Heb. 12:1-3, 7 
He is your loving Father- who loves relationship with you. What did Jesus do in these verses. He is our pioneer in showing us how to be obedient. Where are you in these verses. To love discipline comes from a loving Father. Where do you need to be obedient in some things?  Is it quitting an addiction, is it being careful with your words? Is it asking for forgiveness with someone? Is it forgiving some one who has hurt you? What is it for you? 

Apply: What is the invitation for you this week? Which one of these 4 points do you need to look at in your life? Where do you need to grow in wisdom? Will you be brave enough to ask someone, “how do you experience me?” and if you are willing to do that – what needs to happen to make that happen?

Pray for each other. 

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