In this week’s Straight Talk episode, Zach interviews Steve Blount and Greg Verrier. Steve is the leader of the Salt and Light ministry at Clearview. Salt and Light partners with local ministries, providing them with volunteers, prayer, and financial assistance. Greg Verrier leads 51:10, which is one of the local ministries that Clearview partners. 51:10 is a community outreach that partners mentors with students. Mentors have an opportunity to share the love of Jesus and provide a safe, caring place for students to learn about life and their relationship with God and others. 51:10 does this mentorship in the context of horses and ranch life. Their motto is, “One Child, One Leader, One Horse. Greg has an incredible heart for people and as a desire to see people changed by God’s love and plan for their life. He is incredibly funny and engaging. We know you will enjoy this week’s talk. Thanks as always for joining us this week. To find out more about 51:10 visit their website at