Unfinished Hope: A People Formed by Confession

Pastor Zach Bearss

October 16, 2022


October 16, 2022

Ezra 9:1,4, 6-15 Isaiah 40:3-6, Isaiah 59:2 Psalm 32, 38:6 137:4, Titus 2:14, 1 Peter 2:22-24

Connect: What has been your experience of the word sin? Is it familiar to you? Or has it been confusing? Have you grown up hearing about sin, confession, and forgiveness? What has been your experience of corporate sin?

Engage: Neighboring people were going back and worshipping other gods. When Ezra sees this the Word says” he was appalled, frustrated and angry” Ezra undone. Have you ever experienced being appalled frustrated and angry at the way we as Christians have fallen short? Have you experienced that in this present day?

We cannot change ourselves – God must come in and change us

and the human condition.
3 Main words for sin

Khata – sin – miss the goal or mark, Harmatia – a force that rules. Why do you think we have a struggle with confessing sin not only individually but corporately? You are to reflect your Creator – how does sin affect how we reflect our creator?

Pesha – transgression, betrayal/ rebellion – it is a relational break – How do you feel if you have a relational break with others or more importantly God?

Avan/ Avah- iniquity, bent or twisted. Crooked behavior, consequences. Righteousness cannot get in. What does this look like today, personally, corporately, or worldly?

Zach said, “my sin affects you” What do you think of that statement?
What do you think of corporate confession of sin?
Even when we are twisted, God’s hand makes something beautiful because of Christ – How do you feel about that statement?

Apply: Titus 2:14, “eager to do what is right” Where are you in being eager to do right? Do you have people in your life who can speak into your life?

1 Peter 2:22-24 – Where are you with your heart? Do you feel shame when you sin or do you feel a relief when you can talk to God about it and turn from it? If you struggle with confessing sin both personally and corporately – what makes that hard for you?

How are you going to apply confessing sin personally / corporately? What that look like for our small groups, church, faith community?

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