Unfinished Hope: Final Sermon

Pastor Zach Bearss

December 18, 2022


December 18, 2022

Nehemiah 12:27-28, 31 43, Romans 3:3-4, 20-22

Connect: Where are you finding joy this week? Where are you seeing suffering this week? Where have you, “neglected the house of the Lord”?

Engage: What was one take away from Zach’s message/ or Nehemiah 13 that struck you?

Nehemiah prays, “What do I do with what I see”? Have you ever experienced that and what did you do about it? How would you respond if you were Nehemiah if you came back and saw your church in disarray? What would be the first thing you do? Do you take a sabbath or you work on the sabbath? How do you see that commandment?

Nehemiah says, “remember me with favor my God” Where have you said that?
Where have you tried to change someone? How did that work for you?

Zach stated, Activities do not change the human heart. Where have you tried to heal your heart through activities?
Romans 3:3-4 Where have you seen God faithful when you have been unfaithful?

Romans 3:20-21 How does that make you feel knowing He keeps His promises?

Apply: What is going to be one takeaway from this sermon or the Nehemiah series? When John the Baptist came asking people to repent and to check their hearts? Is there any area of your life that you need to bring to the Lord? Would you be willing to share that with a friend? Where do you need the hope of the Lord right now?

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