Unfinished Hope: The Joy of the World

Pastor Zach Bearss

December 11, 2022

December 11, 2022

Nehemiah 8, Lam 5:15-18, Isaiah 35: 10, Psalm 27:8 Luke 10, Isaiah 7:14 Phil. 4:4

Connect: What was a favorite memory of Christmas programs that you participated in whether church or school? What is one significant memory of Christmas for you?

Engage: Read through Nehemiah 8, What stands out you in this chapter.

“The Joy of the Lord is your strength,” ma’oz: Neh 8:10 the joy of the Lord is your “stronghold” – Does that word stronghold make this verse different than strength for you?

During this time of the Christmas season, is it hard to have joy for you? Zach said fake joy is “I deserve to be happy” – What does that look like practically for you or for the world. How does that show up in life?

How can you hold joy and sorrow together during this time of year?

When Zach talked about that the Israelites put joy into the City and the wall and it became an idol. Where have you put joy into an idol and what was that like for you?

Have you ever really grieved over your sin? How have you experienced hope as you have confessed to the Lord? What is that like to know that that your name is written in Heaven? Luke 10:20. Has that become common place for you?

Apply: What is it like to live in the presence with the Lord for you?
Where have you lived in the past? Where do you need to step into the joy of forgiveness?
What is one take away that you are going to apply to your life based on this sermon?

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