9:00am Service

10:45am Service



    What part of the message this Sunday made an impact?

    If you went to the BV strong dinner tell your group about your experience.


    Read the Vision Statement:  “To lead people into a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ and authentic community with one another so that the light of the Gospel can shine through our lives to the world”. 

        What ways have you experienced this vision being lived out at Clearview?

        In your own words what does it look like for the Gospel to shine through our lives?  

        Who has helped you become apart of this vision at Clearview?  

    Read Acts 2:37-42

        What was the outcome of “devotion” in the early church?

        What would you say is the difference between “Devotion” and “Dabbling”?   

    Read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

        In this passage how does prayer help stir our devotion? 


    Out of the four indicators of the life of a disciple? (Apostles Teaching (scripture), Fellowship, Breaking Bread (serving), Prayer)  Which one do you feel God leading you to take a step of greater devotion?  Why?

    Who is one person in your life that you feel you are leading (modeling for) a transforming relationship with Jesus?  

    Brainstorm a way that your group can go break bread (serve others) this fall?