Our church will be following the recommended guidelines during the Covid-19 Pandemic. We will not be meeting physically for Sunday Morning Services until further notice but ask that all of you join us online for worship.  We will deeply miss being together, but we are trusting that God is going to show up in a new and different way in the coming weeks.  You can join the service from your smart phone or your computer by following this link at 9:00 am and/or 10:45 am.


*The link for the live service starting at 

– We will begin the live stream test at 8:45.  This will give you time to make sure you are able to get online.  If you are having technical issues you can text from your phone the phrase “Support3120” to the number 484848 and we will have people ready to help.   You can also email

*Prayer time: During the service we will have a time of prayer and praise.  You can participate in that time by using the comment section under the video.  Anytime during the service you can post a prayer or praise and we will have staff and leadership pray over these during the service.  

*Financial giving – Our continued financial support to our church is essential for us to continue to minister and support our missionaries and ministries.  You can give online at or go to our website and click on giving at any time during the week. 

We have also set up a TEXT TO GIVE.  To set this up just text “GIVE” to (833) 524-0307.  You will need to set up an account to get it started. 

You can also mail your checks to: ClearView Community Church, PO Box 1336, Buena Vista, CO 81211.




“Straight Talk” is taking a break this week as we honor our High School Graduates.




Each week, Pastor Brandon will be putting together a short playlist of songs for worship and encouragement. Listen here!

Don’t have spotify, it’s easy to sign up! Follow the prompts on Spotify’s website or app.”


The playlist is also on the church website for those who don’t want to sign up for Spotify.


Please Follow our playlist on Spotify to get updates on when we post a new playlist.








 What the Women Saw – Discovering Jesus Through the Eyes of Women

 Online Summer Bible Study by If:Equip team beginning 5/26/20

 Do women matter to the kingdom of God?

Jesus was surrounded by both men and women during his ministry on earth.  He saw, valued, and cared for women, and He still does today.  Each one of us has a significant role.

Through this six-session study, you will discover who Jesus is through the unique perspective of women in the Bible.

Go to If:  You can purchase a $10 download of all the printed material including a leaders guide with questions.  Or you can click on “Read” and be directed to lessons in 5 day segments.  You click on each day for the lesson and video. There is no charge and no homework.

Join with us online until we are able to meet again at the church.  We would like you to sign up by calling the office 395-3120 or online by clicking here so we can communicate with you during this study.







Save the Date!

Women’s Retreat

October 9-10

Silver Cliff Ranch 













Celebrate Recovery is not meeting during this time, but please feel free to call Cheryl (leave a message for her to call you back) 406.351.1525


Greetings, everyone 🙂  This is Lillie Jones.  I wanted to share a bit on Celebrate Recovery (“CR”), particularly because this season of social isolation may afford some free time for self-reflection.  Quietness and alone time can bring to light personal hurts, habits, or hang-ups.  God offers freedom from our burdens (Romans 6:14  Sin is no longer your master … instead, you live under the freedom of God’s grace); and CR offers a process toward God’s intended freedom and healing from emotional hurts and hang-ups.

In CR “Denial” is a main topic— my tendency to ignore and hide issues or inadequacies that embarrass me.  But I can’t make a problem go away by pretending it doesn’t exist (denial).  Jeremiah 6:14 You can’t heal a wound by saying it isn’t there.   Celebrate Recovery helps me sort out my current situation as well as where I’ve come from in order to discover who God created me to be.

A lot of people think that CR is for people with addictions—actually only a fraction of attendees come to CR because of an addiction.  More common issues include dysfunctional relationships, divorce, rejection, abandonment, insecurity, co-dependency, unemployment, grief, abuse, loneliness.  Sometimes I don’t even know what my issue is, I just feel that something is wrong and I can’t seem to fix it.

Through my inadequacies (actually… my humanness) I have hurt other people along my life; and other people have hurt me—sometimes unintentionally and maybe intentionally. (All have sinned and fall short of God’s standard.  Romans 3:23)    From those hurts I’ve developed coping mechanisms and self-protection, maybe I’ve developed anxiety and insecurity.  In some cases, coping mechanisms deteriorate into bad habits and various addictions.

When we reach the time of social gathering again, all are welcome at Celebrate Recovery.  The program is no “quick fix.” We methodically and intentionally work through the process.  Our intention is to seek God’s direction with accountability partners while working toward the freedom and abundant life promised in Scripture.   If you’re anxious to get started or learn more before meetings can resume, please call Dan or Lillie Jones 719-539-4182.









Would you be willing to help our Cuban pastors to be more self-sustaining?  They own a wonderful piece of land that they can use as a farm, but have no means to develop it.  We are raising money to go towards the purchase of piglets.  Pork is the main staple in Cuba and always in demand.  $25 can buy a piglet that will help sustain this ministry which is spreading the gospel in Cuba.  If you would like to invest in what God is doing in Cuba, make your check payable to Cuba for Christ and mail it to:  Austin Campbell, PO Box 1354, Buena Vista, CO 81211.  If you want more information contact Austin or Kristen Campbell at (719) 293-5075 or






Chaffee County has set up an Emergency Response Fund Campaign & Assistance Program.  To find out if you are eligible, individuals and households with financial need related to COVID-19 should call (719) 530-2500 to ask for help.  You can also visit to find out more information.






Arkansas Valley Christian Mission Needs:  Cookies and 4 packs of pudding and Jello.  You can drop these items off at the Mission.





What’s better than getting information to fight human trafficking? Getting it for FREE!

Here are some resources for you to educate yourself and your loved ones about human trafficking and ways to identify it and prevent it from happening.
A21 Parent guides:
Parent guide for Teens(13-17)  and for kids(6-12)

Porn Free Colorado
ebook Free today only! Be Careful Little Eyes by Kimberly Lovejoy

In our Backyard
Tips for keeping kids safe
Hidden in plain sight- a Human Trafficking short film

Other resources for a small fee from In Our Backyard
In our Backyard – Human trafficking in America and What we can do to stop it
and Teens against Trafficking; resource guide












We have been serving 5 meals a week to 50 families.  If you would like more information about these meals, donate food or funds, or volunteer to help make meals please contact DeAnna Busch at 262-758-3280.