Pentecost: The Holy Spirit Has Come – Part 2

Pastor Zach Bearss

May 5, 2024


May 5, 2024

John 14:25-26, Matthew 28:20, Genesis 8:1, 9:6, 30:22 Exodus 24, Deut. 5:15, 8:2,32:7, John 1:48, Deut. 31:6, Eph. 1:13-14


Connect:  Is there some memory that the Lord has redeemed in your life and did you at the time think it was the Holy Spirit working in your life? Tell your group about that.


Engage:  What do you think about the statement, “memories affect the past and how we see the future.”

A. What does it mean to you have an empathetic witness? Do you have someone who is an empathic witness in your life and what has that meant to you.

B. What do you think about the statement – Life without memory is not life at all. God is a God of remembrance – All through Scripture, God is remembering.
Zach made several statements about that Genesis 8:1,9:6, 30:22 Exodus 24 – can you remember other places that God remembered in Scripture? God remembers 73x in Scripture. “ I will not forget you” – How does that statement strike you?

Zach talked about 3 statements of remembering.

  1. Remembering gives us Identity – Who He is and What kind of God He is.

    a. Galatians 4: 6-8 Read those verses – sit with them – Do you truly believe that – He is our Papa. How does that change you?

    b. The Holy Spirit reminds us of the past so we might know ourselves in times of uncertainty or success. What do you think of that statement?

  2. Remembering God is with us, helps us truthfully remember the present.

    A. Empathic witness, you are not just that mistake – How does that make you feel?

    B. John 1:48 – What do you think about this verse?

    C. Deut. 31 – Be Strong and Courageous – Where do you need to be strong and courageous in some areas of your life?

  3. Remembering gives hope for the future.

    A. Where have you seen this in in your life?
    B. Eph. 1:13-14 -The Holy Spirit is just not about miracles – but to show you truth.

    How does that hit your soul?

Apply:  What is one take away on the Holy Spirit and remembering? What is the Lord inviting you too concerning this message? Do you need to find an empathetic witness to share this invitation with?

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