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2015 Sermons

God With Us

  • “God with Us: Jesus in the Mess”

  • “God With Us Pt 2: Jesus Sitting Down”

  • “God With Us Pt 3: Son of Mary”

  • “God With Us Pt 4: The Gift of Peace”

  • “God With Us Pt 5: Preparing for the Promise”

  • “God With Us Pt 7: The Joy of Seeking Jesus”

  • “God With Us Pt 8: Searching for the King”

“See You At The House: Living Your Life as If You Have A Home”

Finding Joy: A Series in Philippians

  • “Finding Joy Part 1 – What’s Better than Happy?”

  • “Finding Joy Pt 2: 4 Easy Steps to Wreck Your Joy”

  • “Finding Joy Pt 3: The Joy of Community”

  • “Finding Joy Pt 4: Finding Gratitude Find Joy”

  • “Finding Joy Pt 5: The Joy of Letting Go”

  • “Finding Joy Pt 6: 5 Ways to Destroy Worry!!”

  • “Finding Joy Pt 7: Fighting for Joy in the Hardest Times”

  • “Finding Joy Pt 8: The Joy of Being Content”