The Gift of Thorns: Psalm 63

Pastor Zach Bearss

July 7, 2024


July 7, 2024

Psalm 63, Gensis 3:18 Deut. 8:2-3, Acts 17:26-27, Matt 5:6, Isaiah 55:1-2


Connect:  What has been the desire or longing that has not been fulfilled for you? Where have you had a desire fulfilled that did not satisfy?

Engage:  Where are you on the scale of Gnosticism of beating your flesh to submission or being in the world and just following your heart?

What do you think of this concept of deep desires and longings help us long for God? Vs 1. Do you truly seek, long or thirst for God?

Zach talked about our 6 Core Longings.

How would you rate these from the first being the greatest need for you to sixth being the lowest. Love, Significance, Security, Understanding, Purpose and Belonging. How do you

Zach talked about 3 points

     1. We need to be aware of our thirst.
           a.  The world says it is not okay to be a seeker. You must find comfort.
           b.  What do you find comfort in?
           c.  Where do you need to seek God in your thirst?

  1. God in His goodness sends us hunger

    a.  America says we can live a life without hunger.
    b.  Longing is a gift from God – what do you think about that? Is it a new concept for you?
    c.  The curse is a gift for you. – living outside of Eden will produce longing – How does that sit with you.
    d.  Have you ever fasted? What was that like for you? Has hunger ever caused you to see what was in your heart?

  2. Jesus is drawn to our hunger not our righteousness

    a.  What do you think about Jesus NOT being drawn to righteousness but that He is drawn to hunger and thirst?
    b.  What do you think about righteousness not being our goal?
    c.  What about the statement there are things that he does not fix so we can hunger?

    d.  How do you respond about the mark of a mature Christian is a deeper longing for God?

Zach shared about how we become aware of our thirst.
a. Fasting–
b. Silence–
Have you ever tried these 2 disciplines? Is there an invitation for you?


Apply:  What is the invitation for you regarding this message?  What is one discipline you are going pursue considering this message?  Where is one area you are comfortable with that maybe God is asking you to look at?

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