Poured Out – Repentance – 03.06.22

Pastor Zach Bearss

March 6, 2022


March 6, 2022

Connect:  What makes it hard to be honest with others? Do you have a Nathan in your life and what does that look like for you? 

Engage: Read Psalm 51 
                As you read Psalm 51 is there a verse that encourages you? What sticks out to you in this Psalm? 

David goes on about his life in 2nd Samuel 11:27 say but the thing that David had done displeased God. 

2nd Samuel 12- You are the man – how would you feel if you were confronted like that?  Have you been confronted like that? How did you respond? 
Gift of repentance- Psalm 51 
2 messages that are lies – follow your heart 
                                           People never change- which one of these lies do you struggle with the most ? 

#1 Repentance begins with God goodness – have you seen God’s goodness when you have repented? Tell us about God’s goodness.  
#2 Repentance brings our brokenness to our Creator- vs 10-11
     How does that statement sit with you?  Creator speaking into your brokenness 
     Hard heart through repentance pierces it and crushes it but then brings it back  
    To life.  – have you ever experienced that, what was that like for you? 
Ezekiel 36 and Hebrews 8:10 — what encourages you about those verses? 
Restore to me the joy of getting caught.  We must allow God to remake us. 
#3 Repentance leads us to experience the Joy of Christ. 

Apply:  Repentance means turning and going the other way in the Trust of the Cross. 1 John1:9. Do you have people who you can be totally honest with? if not what will you do to get that person or persons? If not, what prevents you? 
How can your small group be a part of that?   
Can you thank your Nathan this week with a note? 

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