Proverbs: Lessons in Wisdom

Pastor Zach Bearss

July 3, 2022


July 3, 2022


Proverbs 10:15- 16, 11:1, 3-4, 24-25

Proverbs 13:22-23, 18:10-11, 30:8-9


Wisdom is being competent in regard to the realities of life- Gerhard Von Rad.

How does that statement sit with you? How do you see that playing out in your life?

Zach shared about his history with wealth? Do you have a story where wealth played a part in your growing up? What that like for you?

Engage:  Reread the verses. What do you pick up from those verses personally?

Zach talked about how his grandfather got his identity in his business. Do you get your indentity in something other than Christ?

God has an invitation around money. What does that look like for you?

Money can bring life or death – How have you seen this in your life? More verses about money than any other sin.   It is easier to see others in sin rather us dealing with the sin of money.

We had jobs before the fall and after the fall the work got twisted. God has created for specific job for you. Do you think you are in the job that God has created for you?

Money – can be deceptive taking over the worship of God Proverbs 11:1 – God abhors dishonest scales – that is a strong word. What do you think of this verse?

Sadiq – lawful dispenses justice, red sea (inlet/ outlet)

Rashaw – evil dishonest guilty, selfish (dead sea) water going in and not going out.  Can you think of examples of how these words play out today in the world?  

Zach shared 2 Thessalonians 3:12-13

Living out the gospel – we cannot see resources just as our own – we need to help with resources for our community. How could we use our money for the good of our community? What would that look like?

Where we put our money reveals our worship. How do we see this in our lives?

Apply: How has greed crept into my heart?  Where have you been self-righteous with others who do not have as much as you? 

How do You thank the Lord for the money He has blessed you with? Do you worship the Lord with your money?

What is God asking you to do this week considering this message of money?

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