The God Who Sees – 05.08.22

Pastor Zach Bearss

May 8, 2022


May 8, 2022

Connect: Has there ever been a time you feel invisible, What did that feel like for you ? In what ways did God show up in that invisibility ? 

Engage: Reread Genesis 16:1-16 

What do you think about Sarah taking this promise into her own plans? Can you relate to Sarah in this instance? Have you been waiting for something for a long time?  What are the emotions you feel with that waiting? 

Goes to the heart of personhood – what does it look like for us?

Read 1 Samuel 16:7 
We are always comparing ourselves to each other – In what ways have you felt compared to others- sports, money, job, weight, friends, personality?  As you know that God looks at your heart.- what does He see with your heart? Recall a time when your evaluation of a person’s character or suitability for service relied mainly outward appearance?  Did this prove to be misleading or cause problems later?  

The Biggest cries today is loneliness – But with that Hagar gives God a name – El Roi – the God who sees. A beautiful picture of who God is.   Knowing that God sees us and it makes a difference in the world.  

Read 139 – What comforts you from this Psalm? 

A lot of times being seen can be hurtful – In what ways can if be hurtful? 

Zach talked about Thailand – How can we as believers show the Father’s love to others and not an object? 
 What does that look like today? 

 Read Galatians 4:21-25 – Zach talked about it being a messy scene because often we try to get blessing by my own good works- Identity is on what we can do. 
Jesus valued women – He turned that view of women on his head. 

Do you know women have served faithfully and living out of their gifts? 
Who are they? Have you encouraged them lately? 

Jesus looks at you not what society says about you?  What emotions come up when you think about that? Does it change how you look at yourself? 

Apply:  What name would you give Jesus?
What woman can you encourage this week to help her know she is seen, is it your wife? Your daughter? Your mom? Grandmother? Someone who has invested in your life? How can you encourage them this week?  Who can you encourage see this week whether a believer or not? A waitress, a co- worker? a neighbor?  How can you have eyes like Jesus this week? 

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