Share something about how the lyrics in one of our worship songs ministered to you.

Describe your journey in learning how to pray. Describe a spiritual principle which has been most helpful to you.


Read Ephesians 3:14-21.

Tell about a clear  answer to prayer God has given to you in life.

Tell about a time when you prayed that heaven seemed silent to your request. 

What are some Biblical reasons why God would say “no” to our prayer requests?

Do  you think the Christian life is supposed to be more lived by faith or from experiencing God? Explain your answer. Can these two Biblical themes complement one another?

Do you agree with Missionary E. Stanley Morgan that “too much miracle” can actually weaken us and interfere with God’s process of orderly development in our souls ? What do you think he meant by this observation?


What is one way you can respond to the message as you go through your week?