Hot Topics – One True Religion? – 05.01.22

Pastor Zach Bearss

May 1, 2022


May 1, 2022

Connect:  Where have you seen exclusive claims gotten people in trouble? 
           Have you had experience where people have pushed back on your faith?     What was that like for you? 

 Engage: Please read through 1 John 4:1-10  I Timothy 2:1-6, Acts 4:12

It is important that we wrestle – was there a time in your life that you wrestled with Jesus being the only way – What was that like for you? 
Not just dealing on an intellectual ideology but a spiritual realm
Zach shared that we are not just creatures that reason – we are people that worship. We will worship something. Have you worshipped something other than Jesus? 
There are 2 thoughts 
1. Anyone who say there is not absolute truth that is making an exclusive claim. – Tim Keller

  1. Keep it quiet – You should not share your thoughts with others. 

There are 3 exclusive claims 

  1. Jesus is God not just man 
  1. Look at vs. I John 4;4 
  2. Jesus came from eternity. Not just a man. He is God – not just good teaching – God breathed. 
  1. Jesus came in the flesh
  1. Other religions are about escaping the flesh vs 2


  1. Graces is his message 
  1. Vs 9-10 

How do you think these play out in your life? Can you share these with others confidently?

Exclusive communities become more exclusive.  Exclusivity is so dangerous without the grace/ mercy of Jesus. 
Jesus says I am the Door – exclusive Claim- we cannot earn favor with God 
John 14: 5-6 I am the way, the truth and the life. . 
Acts 4:12 – push back from religious leaders / cannot be kind to people – where do we fall into that in our lives – what people are hard for you. Jesus says “All people”   
We as Christians need to be the most thankful people – Where are you Thankful? 

Read 1 John4:6- 12 
 Apply: What are you going to do this week to show the love of Christ.
Jesus was washing His disciples’ feet even his enemies. How can this play out in your life this week? 
This is a radical message- Where are you going to be radical this week? 

Zach’s resources:
 “Why God Makes Sense in a World that doesn’t: The beauty of Christian theism” – Gavin Ortland.
“The Reason for God”. Tim Keller
” The Allure of Gentleness: Defending the Faith in the Manner of Jesus”. Dallas Willard.  
” Mere Christianity,” C.S. Lewis
“Christ Among Other God’s ” – Erwin W. Luther

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