Jonah: A Prayer of Anger & Compassion

Pastor Zach Bearss

November 19, 2023


November 19, 2023

Jonah 4, Genesis 4:4-7, Exodus 34:6, Joel 2:13, Luke 23:24


Connect: What is one favorite Thanksgiving tradition you have? What is one take away from Jonah that you have been pondering since the beginning?  Where have you seen God as unfair?

Engage: Reread Jonah 4, What stands out to you? How have you acted like Jonah in chapter 4? Where have you been angry with God?

How have you been concerned with Justice and not with compassion in some areas of your life?

Zach shared an acronym B.R.A.T.

B – Bring your anger before God.

How does that statement make you feel?
Do you often check your engine light? Are you self-aware with your anger?

Look at Genesis 4:4-7 What do you notice? Eph 4:26? How do you deal with your anger? It is always an invitation to bring our anger to God.

R – Remember the mercy God has given to you.

Do you experience God’s mercy in your life? What does that look like for you?

Exodus 34:6 – God relents to Moses vs. 6 Joel 2:13, Rend means seeing our sin as God sees it.

A – Ask God to help you see your enemy like He sees them.

How are you doing in this area of your life? What hit you with the Palestine/ Israel story? Who do you have bias with that is hard for you?
“Judging others makes us blind” – Where have you seen this in your life?

T – Take our need for restitution to the cross.

What do you need to take to Jesus?

Matt 5:44 – “But I say to you- Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” This only comes from feeling the weight of your own sin against the sin of the cross Luke 23:34-

Apply: What are you blind too? What is the Lord inviting you too considering this message?

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