Our House – Community – 02.06.22

Pastor Zach Bearss

February 6, 2022


February 6, 2022

Connect:  Zach talked about instruments working together. If you could be an instrument, What instrument would you be and why?

Engage: Read through Ephesians 4 1-7,

God /Jesus / Holy Spirit are in relationship with each other from the beginning of time so it only makes sense that God would desire community and relationship.

Community is hard – What makes it hard for people?

Vs 1-2 talk about “walk in a manner worthy of the calling which you have been called with all humility, gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit the bond of peace.”

What are the 5 characteristics of Unity?

How would that look practically in small groups?

Do you have people that make you feel known? If you do, could you share what they do make you feel that way?

In vs.14 Zach talked about without community we can fall into immaturity, not discerning, self-centeredness, not steady, resentful. Have you had experience in that would you be willing to share what that looked like for you?

Vs 15 – Rather speaking the truth in love – How does this look speaking the truth in love?

Vs 22 What does it mean to put off your old self? and in vs 23 What does it look like to be renewed in your mind?

Vs 30 Do not grieve the Holy Spirit – How do you think we can grieve the Holy Spirit?

Vs 31-32 –  Do you have a personal story of forgiveness  or forgiving someone ?


Are you holding on to any bitterness, rage, or anger? In what ways could remembering God’s forgiveness of your sins help free you from the bitterness or anger you have toward others?

Who is one person you need to forgive? Should you reach out and tell them that you forgive them?

Is there someone you can be kind to this week ? How will you show that kindness?

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