The Lord’s Prayer

Pastor Zach Bearss

March 19, 2023


March 19, 2023

Matthew 6:10, Matthew 5:20-23, Luke 24-26


Connect: What part of the Lord’s prayer means the most to you?
What is your view of prayer, do you feel like you struggle or that you have a deep connection with God through prayer? How do you pray throughout the day?

Engage: 1. Our prayers change things. How do see that in your own life and in the lives of others.

  1. If you do not pray about things–not going to change/prayer/fasting can change direction. How do you feel about those statements? How do you in your personal life experience that?
  2. We often have the value system of the world, and we usually apply A+B=C.It is in our DNA,-it came from the Fall. We need to be realigned.
    Have you ever lived in the A+B= C. How do you navigate that in your life, do you still struggle with that?

2. Matthew 5:20-23 Jesus talked about an upside-down kingdom. Do you ever ask what is important to Jesus?

  1. The world says we must have,
    A. Power, B. Material Comfort, C. Success, D. Laughing gloating.
  2. Which one of these words do you struggle with the most and have you seen in your life?
  3. We have fallen short of God – the soberness of this statement.

3. Zach made the statement; The danger is not to pray everything goes Well. If you do not weep and mourn you miss the kingdom. What do you think of that thought? Agree or disagree?

4. Zach asked the question, what will praying this prayer do for you?

1. Surrender my appetite for the hunger of God.

2. Change what you celebrate.

3. Cause you to feel sadness -you cry a lot more

4. Cause you to become poorer

Which one of these of these do you struggle with the most?

Apply: What is your invitation this week in light of “Your kingdom come; your will be done on earth as it is in heaven?” What is one area where you need to grow considering what Zach was talking about today? Who is going to walk with you in this area?

Pray for each other.

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