Unfinished Hope: A People Formed by the Word

Pastor Zach Bearss

October 9, 2022

October 9, 2022

Ezra/ Nehemiah Chapter 6: 14-16, 7:1-10,21,22,24, 25 8:21, Isaiah 40
Psalm 137:1-9, Jeremiah 29:11-12

Connect: Where has God proven Himself faithful through your life? Where have you learned to sing when you were “ in exile”?

Engage: So much to unpack in this sermon. What was one thing that struck you as you listened to Zach unpack this message? Ezra means God’s help has come- How have you seen God help in your own life? Ezra led through great courage. Where have you had to lead in great courage? What was that like for you?

Psalm 137 talks about being angry which started when they were in exile. Ezra called them to sing. Where have you had to choose to sing while you were in exile with the Lord? Jeremiah 29 talks about delivering us when we learn to love – Israel wanted revenge, but Ezra was challenging the people of Israel to love and trust the Lord with the rest. Where have you had to lay down your revenge and chosen to love when you did not want too.

God’s people have been changed in exile. Where have you changed when you were struggling?

Culture is running from the Word of God. WE are in the eye of the storm, however through out history God has changed His people first. Where have we seen this in History?

Zach talked about study, observe, teach. Where are you studying? How are you observing and where are you teaching someone else?

In America, we say, “don’t impose your ideals on me.” However ,how can we hold on to God’s ideals vs the world’s ideals? How did Daniel, Shadrach, Abednego hold on to God’s ideals rather than the culture they found themselves. How did Esther do this as well?

Apply: God says I am at work. Where are you personally seeing God at work?
Zach talked about what takes up our time. Where are you frequenting your time? Netflex, FB, Twitter, News, Social media, or something else? We should be in the word of God. What is one thing you can do to this week to be in the word of God? Who are you investing in? If you are not investing in someone, why not?

How do we live out study, observation and teaching personally? What is one thing the Lord is asking you to do this week considering this message?

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