Unfinished Hope: God’s Provision for His Covenant People

Pastor Zach Bearss

November 6, 2022


November 6, 2022

Nehemiah chapter 2 Deut. 32:30

Connect: Did you ever grow up with a choir? What music do you remember from the 80s and 90s? Have you had a leader that you admired? What did you admire about him?

Engage: What struck you from chapter 2 of Nehemiah? What breaks your heart right now in the world?

There were 3 Parts of Nehemiah

1. Examine
2. Discerninyourheart 3. Conviction

Nehemiah was not okay with the way the city was – Where do we disengage from the world?
Thomas Merton – the Desert Fathers. Is there a place where you need to step away to look at your life?

Psalm 139 – search me oh God – Do you allow God to search to search your heart?
Nehemiah does not jump in and fix – He asks the Lord to look at his life and show him what needs to happen.

Have you ever spent an hour without any noise, what was that like for you?
1 Samuel 30:6 – Where have you been strengthened in your soul?
vs 17 – Let’s build together
God does not call us to lead alone – We need to do it community. Where have you been in community that has done some wonderful?

I Cor. 12:27
John 1:14 – Christ was the greatest leader – walked saw people. Christ invites us to rebuilding not only with ourselves but with others ? What is Christ inviting you too?

Apply: Where have you trusted God when things were hard?
What is God saying to you considering this message?
What is one area where you can apply this message to your life this week?

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